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Hand-crafted, terracotta wood-fired oven. Oven specifications: 33" outside diameter, 22" internal diameter, height 25" and weight 350 lbs.


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The BEEHIVE oven lets you enjoy moist, flavorsome foods, cooked on an authentic European wood-fired oven, but at a fraction of the cost of installing a commercial pizza oven.

The BEEHIVE oven is fueled by hard woods or fruit wood which impart a wonderful smoky flavor to food. The oven is constructed of two hand-made terracotta ovens, one of top of the other, with insulation between. The outside of the oven gets warm, but not hot, to the touch, and care must be taken when working around the oven opening.

It is designed for high heat to build up internally, and dissipate slowly, making it ideal for many types of cooking. Use long oven-gloves when working with the fire, and cookware designed for wood-fired ovens, such as the range of terracotta roasting dishes we provide here. Fish, poultry, meats, vegetables, pizzas and breads will generally cook faster in the BEEHIVE than in a conventional oven, and will be touched by the aroma of wood-fire.

The BEEHIVE oven is a pleasure to use, and fun to experiment with, as you gain experience building and controlling the fire, and creating delicious meals. Over time you will notice cracks developing in the walls of the oven. These are characteristics of terracotta ovens and will not impair the oven's performance.

The BEEHIVE requires the weather-proof oven cover (included) to protect it from rain and frost damage. The oven must stay dry, since being allowed to sit on a damp surface may crack the base. Full details of the Care of your BEEHIVE Oven accompany your product, and can be found in the Care and Feeding section of this site, along with safety instructions, which must be read prior to using the oven.

Included with your BEEHIVE oven:

BEEHIVE Oven Stand
Sold as a duo with the BEEHIVE oven, this heavyweight iron stand on sturdy wheels lets you move the oven around your patio. It includes a convenient log storage rack. This handsome duo of rustic oven and iron stand make a focal point for your garden or patio. The black stand is powder-coated to protect against the weather. Overall height of oven and stand is 59".

Oven door
Made of hard-wood to complement the rustic design of the BEEHIVE, the oven door is coated inside with metal. The door can be used to control the temperature of the oven during cooking, and used as a smoker. It should be propped against the mouth of the oven and not fully closed, to allow enough oxygen to keep the fire alight. Keep the door away from intense flames and heat. The oven door should only be used at low temperatures (i.e. 375 degrees or less).

Cooking Rack
Placed into the oven once the fire is underway, this iron cooking rack lets you cook on two levels at once. This is especially useful, since the oven is hotter at the top as the heat radiates from the top of the dome downwards.

See the Beehive Oven at the following locations: The Spanish Table
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Beehive Ovens now available in Canada! Canadian distribution
Provenance Showroom in Black Diamond, near Calgary, Alberta is an eclectic gourmet store and wood-fire oven showroom, that also provides cooking demos, classes and wine tastings.
Contact: Jill Marsh, Provenence Showroom, Black Diamond, Alberta
Tel: 1-403-933-8862

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"When I first saw the Beehive I knew that my longing for a wood-fired oven would finally become a reality. It satisfies on every level--eminently practical,beautiful, and affordable. I've always made great pizza but the Beehive takes it to another level. Now I'm experimenting with fish and meats--all succulent with an amazingly rustic flavor. I can't say enough wonderful things about my new oven and it's a joy to look at as well. Thanks, Al Fresco Imports, you've made my culinary dream come true!"

Anna Kosova
Oakland, CA